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MaryBeth Matzek, aka 1BizzyWriter, is a freelance writer and editor based in Appleton, Wis. A proud graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she was a newspaper reporter and editor for The Post-Crescent in Appleton, Wis., for nearly a dozen years. In 2006, she started her own freelance writing and editing business, 1BizzyWriter. She contributes frequently to a variety of regional and state business and trade publications, including Insight on Business, Insight on Manufacturing, Wisconsin Builder Magazine, Wisconsin Law Journal, The Daily Reporter and The Milwaukee Business Journal. She also writes for several online sites, including Wispolitics.com, lifehack.org, and Wisconsin Health News. MaryBeth also provides writing, public relations, and social media services to several businesses and organizations in Northeast Wisconsin. If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she also is an adjunct instructor at Fox Valley Technical College where she teaches Written Communications. (Perhaps now you see where the name 1BizzyWriter comes from!)
When not writing, MaryBeth enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering for her children’s school and sports teams, and riding her bike.
Here’s some links to some of MaryBeth’s recently published articles:

Cover story on Holy Family Memorial Medical Center for Insight on Business Magazine’s October 2014 issue
Blog on manufacturing in Wisconsin for WisBusiness.com that originally ran on Oct. 10, 2014
Cover story
on UW-Oshkosh Chancellor Richard Wells for Insight on Business Magazine’s June 2014 issue
Article for St. Norbert College’s Magazine on a reunion of players from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League that ran in June 2014
Link to all of MaryBeth’s weekly blogs for WisBusiness.com
Blog for Brazen Life on when fighting the “overqualified” label
Blog on keeping your back-to-school budget in check for the Penny Hoarder’s blog on Aug. 21, 2014
Feature on advance manufacturing in Wisconsin Business Magazine’s 2014 issue.
Feature on Wisconsin’s financial services and industry sectors in Wisconsin Business Magazine’s 2014 issue
Feature on Wisconsin’s ports in Wisconsin Business Magazine’s 2014 issue.
Blog for LifeHack.org on how to get keep your job hunt alive during the holiday season.
Blog on Brazen Life on whether or not working from home is right for you.
Blog for Lifehack on common resume problems
Feature in The Milwaukee Business Journal on genetic testing
Blog on special needs parenting for Ten to Twenty Parenting.com

For more information, follow MaryBeth on Twitter at 1BizzyWriter or visit her on LinkedIn.

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